Darlington x Shiikane

“And suddenly you just know ts time to start something new and trust the magc of BEGINNINGS”

The above is very inspiring quote I saw on your official instagram page.

Straight to the point, it’s a great pleasure reaching out to you guys. I love your work, music and style and I was deeply inspired to put something together us.

What I have in mind is “the Biggest Dance, House and Afropop tune ever!” Anything is POSSIBLE, if we just BELIEVE!

The sound is very unique, different and yet maintains our afropop vibe. This is a demo as I’m still building the record. We can develop the hook further… I’m actually thinking (Judii, Jusiile, or Judii, Judiile).

Please let me know what you guys think.

Darlington x Shiikane, Let’s make this a reality.



Video clips and images on this content were taken from the internet. This video composition is for presentation purposes only and I do not have copyrights to the photos/dance clips.

The Demo/Audio is the original recording of ‘Darlington’ (Darlington Agbude) for the listening pleasure and consideration of ‘Shiikane’.